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Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls

Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls is a classic desktop science toy that is a perfect blend of science and art. Also known as Balance Balls, Newton’s Pendulum, and Newton’s Balls. This toy works through the use of momentum and gravity. Pull a ball on one end and release.  After hitting the rest of the balls, a ball on the other end will be forced to the same height as from where you dropped the original ball.

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Personalized Whiskey Barrel With Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

What’s better than stealing whiskey from your neighboring pirates?  Making some of your own and then storing it in a personalized whiskey barrel. This miniature oak barrel ages spirits to peak flavor, just like its full-sized siblings found in professional distilleries. Its petite proportions accelerate the aging process, meaning that the recipient’s choice of liquor will hit its prime up to ten times faster.

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IRIScan Book 3 USB Handheld Scanner

Scan books, magazines, and pictures of your childhood hopes and dreams with the IRIScan Book Executive 3 portable USB scanner.  This device is a portable scanner that allows you to scan books and magazines anytime, anywhere and without ripping pages off. Simply roll your way across the document, and your scan will be saved automatically onto the MicroSD™ card and ready to be transferred via Wifi to your smartphone ,iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ tablet, PC or Mac®.

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Cedar Shoe Trees

Keep your shoes looking new and fresh after repeated wearings with cedar shoe inserts from Nordstroms. These shoe trees are flexible and will adjust to your shoe. The fragrance of these trees will keep your shoes fresh and from smelling like your terribly worked feet. Added benefit: they smell like the ancient forests of Babylon!

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Five Guys Gift Cards … For Guys

All that gaming make you tired?  Recharge your skill with a giant burger from Five Guys. Five Guys, a fast casual restaurant chain focused on serving some of the nation’s best hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries, lathers its food in the five basic food groups: bacon, cheese, eggs, grease, and deliciousness. With over 1000 locations nationwide, you won’t go wrong with getting your guy (or yourself) a gift card to Five Guys.

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Bamboo Multi-Gadget Charging Station

For the guy whose nightstand looks like he robbed a Best Buy. A charging station is a must for men with multiple devices. This bamboo one has room for your laptop, tablet, phone, and two other gadgets he’s sure to unwrap this season. A magnetic base flips open to reveal a hidden storage compartment for wires that otherwise clutter up your desk space.  Made of 100% eco-friendly bamboo

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For the guy who knows tequila shots don’t stop after college.  Spice up your next get-together with these extraordinary shot glasses. They have the finely veined, translucent appearance of rose quartz, but they are actually carved from the highest quality, food grade, Himalayan pink salt. Perfect for tequila, the cup will give a salty twinge to your taste buds,.  Salt is naturally anti-bacterial, so these glasses require little maintenance, but don’t worry – unlike table…

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