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Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls

Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls is a classic desktop science toy that is a perfect blend of science and art. Also known as Balance Balls, Newton’s Pendulum, and Newton’s Balls. This toy works through the use of momentum and gravity. Pull a ball on one end and release.  After hitting the rest of the balls, a ball on the other end will be forced to the same height as from where you dropped the original ball.

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Cedar Shoe Trees

Keep your shoes looking new and fresh after repeated wearings with cedar shoe inserts from Nordstroms. These shoe trees are flexible and will adjust to your shoe. The fragrance of these trees will keep your shoes fresh and from smelling like your terribly worked feet. Added benefit: they smell like the ancient forests of Babylon!

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Five Guys Gift Cards … For Guys

All that gaming make you tired?  Recharge your skill with a giant burger from Five Guys. Five Guys, a fast casual restaurant chain focused on serving some of the nation’s best hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries, lathers its food in the five basic food groups: bacon, cheese, eggs, grease, and deliciousness. With over 1000 locations nationwide, you won’t go wrong with getting your guy (or yourself) a gift card to Five Guys.

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Vintage Batman Skyline T-Shirt

Whether you claim Chicago, New York, or Pittsburgh to be the true Gotham City, you can still represent your ‘hood with this Batman Skyline T-shirt.   Interesting fact, the name Gotham derives from Old English gat (goat) and ham (home) – which directly translates to homestead where goats are kept.  Now you have an interesting, but useless, fact to throw out whenever someone compliments you on your new Batman T-shirt.  You’re welcome.

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RoboCup T-Shirt

Turn your favorite terminally wounded cyborg cop into a fashion statement with this “RoboCup” T-shirt from Threadless.  The shirt comes in blue and pink and has various sizes for both men and women. The t-shirt material also feels like the late 1980s.

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